Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Some WIPs for ya'.

Just to keep this updated, here are two work in progress shots of some things I'm gonna try to have done before next week... on top of my various comic assignments(I'll upload those as well). The first is something I haven't done since I was in high school, creating clean line art that will serve as the base for the drawing. I'm making it all clean lines because I want it to be a sort of advertisement for my webcomic I'll be hosting starting this summer. Right now I'm drawing the two main characters, and after I finish the two I will add more characters, a sort of "mural" if you will. I want to have each member of the cast in this, and being very OCD with linework will probably make this one a lot tougher than the second image.
The second drawing is much looser and going to be rendered like a painting, though I'm still stepping outside of my comfort zone a bit by using line to define some parts. Like the first image, it's going to be zoomed out a lot as I add in more things, like environment, background creatures, foreground elements, et cetera. I'm going to go for a Raymond Swanland-inspired composition.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Little Red Riding Hood

This is a 4-page comic I did for my final in Materials and Techniques with Dave Gildersleeve. We were to retell a fairy tale in four pages using mixed medium-- I did ink and digital for mine. I was part of the "gore corner," where all of our projects had a gory theme going on throughout. It's an awkward marriage in my work but I guess that's fine, it let me step out of a comfort zone a little bit.

First Post!

Hi, I'm Robert Knight! 
This is my first post here so I've decided to just dump a bunch of old drawings. They aren't in any sort of order, there are certainly really old ones next to more recent ones, but I think the newer ones will be dated. I'm going to try to keep this all updated with new stuff so... here we go!