Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Portrait #2!

I had fun with this one because the paper got all bent up so I treated it like an experiment piece, with white-out and also brushed in ink for strong blacks. I think it turned out better than the last one.

1. Being smarter this time around, doing a light but tight sketch, sighting and measuring ahead of time
to get everything right.
 2. Why break tradition? Eyes first!
 3. Like last time, shaded the nose right after the first eye, this time thinking I may have made the eye too small. It looks awful right now.
 4. Still ugly! Oh gawd, how could I keep going?!?!
 5. Well, with the lips in it looks a little less weird! At this point I took a long break. Really long.
 Straight-on view of #5:
 6. I began again today, a new day, where I could see how horrible a start I had... ALL OVER AGAIN. Started blocking in values for the hair. I used the side of my pencil to decide where I wanted to ink black in, and then drew in strands.
 7. Really rough pencil shading YEAH! Decided to wipe out the arm and just have the shoulder because I'm lazy or something. But you didn't hear me say that (you read it, probably in an obnoxious voice
because I'm lazy).
 8. Took a slightly better picture with my iPhone and fixed up the contrast and stuff in Photoshop. Looks kinda like a glamour shot now, huh? Also, added in a signature. Didn't do that last time because I didn't think the signature would photograph well, but then I also forgot that Photoshop has more options than
"Image >Adjustments."

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