Friday, July 22, 2011

Big update time!

Sorry for the huge lack of updates, so here's a quick spasm of some stuff I've done! From newest to oldest, these are the drawings I've finished completely. The most recent is a speed-sketch I did while waiting on a response from a commissioner, practicing a different application technique and speed. The second is another relatively quick drawing (but not really, still two hours) I did for a new friend to warm up for my commissions. Third is a drawing of Batman and some characters in "my style," really just a fun wind-down drawing with no real aim, just drawing for the hell of it. After that are two entries for the Lucent Heart drawing contest. I probably won't win, with any luck I can place. I'm not happy with the Theia entry, but people seem to like it more than my Cadena entry. Every video is an actual recording (I figured a way to minimize lag by recording only part of my screen) except the Cadena video, which is a time-lapse.

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